Friday, 28 August 2015

Regents Park diaries

Oh bless'd park in the rain! I really love a good rose garden. This is Regents Park in London and contains my favourite ever to visit! Even spite of the stormy weather, the cool scent of rose kept circulating the hedges. We tried to imagine what it would be like at the height of rose season, the smell of Turkish Delight everywhere. We passed under the gold archway to the Queen Mary's gardens and later admired the most gorgeous, poetic, Victorian flower arrangements in the Avenue gardens. There never was a more romantic place to spend a stormy afternoon or a place quite as special to end up at after travelling so far! The fact that it was raining only contributed to the sense of still, and dark, peaceful atmosphere in the park. It was like a whole world in here to me and I could have happily spent all day just strolling around and exploring.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Unboxing Pandora rose

I couldn't keep from feeling as though it were a sin to lift the lids of these little wax-white cases! It reminds me of the fairytale where Pandora's box is opened, releasing evil omens in to the world: wicked thoughts that meddle in daily affairs and continue to manifest in even worse deeds. Once they are released they can never be contain'd again! Aside from its fantastical name, Pandora is one of the few types of jewellery that actually makes me 'eeeee' and I have long been a dedicated admirer of the dainty and intricate pieces. 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Elven pleasures

A little garden feature! - What is most correct here - 'elven' or 'elvish'? The past few weeks have been so grey that it is almost a different time of year from earlier this summer! The tips of the hills are almost completely shrouded in mist. On warmer days, the garden is the perfect place for elves and fairies alike, to frolic amongst the tall grasses and frequent the fox glove groves. I like to fancy they would find little homes in the base of tree trunks, 'tween the rolls of bark. Maybe they take safety under cold canopies of leaves when it rains, and dance to orchestras of woodwind instruments once it is fair again.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Castle and wilderness

The most beautiful, golden summer August day sent us exploring the castle ruins, a party of three this time as we had the pleasant company of Oscar's great-grandmama! Built in the 12th century, it was once home to tudor barons and rumoured to have housed the grandfather of Catherine Parr (last wife to King Henry VIII), or perhaps Catherine herself! (sadly much of an urban legend). It is now home to friendly spiders alike and little plants have embedded themselves in the great stone walls. Ancient, lost places are my favourite to visit because so much of the original structure still remains, even though nobody lives there. I would have been so delighted to lounge here all day taking pictures, it was so nice enjoying warm weather on an Oscar outing!
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